Rental Services We Offer


Vacate / Bond Cleaning

We will happily work off your detailed list on what you require, or work off our very extensive vacate cleaning checklist. Whether it’s a full detailed clean, or a touch up on specific areas, you’ll be amazed with how thorough we are. 

* Walls and oven included. Windows included on request.

* Carpet Shampoo not included.

Please email your quote request to for a same day response! Include as much detail as possible (size of home, age, and how long you have lived there). vacate cleaning perth

New Rental Preparation Clean

Are you getting your home ready for the Rental market for the first time? Start as you intend to go on.

Let the Vacates team detail your home to the highest standard so your Tenants know exactly what you expect when they leave. If it's not clean when they move, legally they don't need to clean it when they leave.

Vacates has an extensive checklist that we work off, which includes EVERYTHING inside the home (walls, grout in wet areas, air-con filters, and every other nook and cranny that you probably forgot was there).

Pre-Tenancy Cleaning

The perfect option if the property has been vacant for awhile and just needs a freshen up. We will tuck in its shirt and straiten its collar by removing the cobwebs, sweep away the debris and make the property sparkle, and smell amazing ready to impress your new Tenants.

Post-Tenancy Cleaning

As much as Tenants try to clean to a high standard, unfortunately they sometimes miss the mark (or even worse, they have paid for a cleaner who has done a substandard job). We will attend the property and clean anything that was missed. We can either work off our own checklist, or go by your checklist/PCR.

Oven Cleaning

Our oven cleaning service will leave your oven in near perfect condition. vacate cleaning perth

Pressure Cleaning

Vacates can complete the job by pressure cleaning any required outdoor areas that may have been dirtied during a tenancy. 

This includes the garage, driveway, patio areas, and pool areas. vacate cleaning perth

Sales Cleaning Services We Offer


Services we Offer perth cleaning

We know all about the “3 P’s” when it comes to selling a property - Price, Presentation, and Promotion.

This option is the answer if the property is tenanted, or Sellers simply don’t have the time to get the property ready for sale.

Most Tenants simply can't prepare a property for photos like the Owner would, so allow us to present the property in the most exquisite way possible.

We’ll take care of the Presentation side of things by attending the property, doing any necessary cleaning (to the highest Vacates standard! (who knew those sinks could look so shiny and new!), making beds, removing proof of pets (fur and smell), fluffing the cushions, folding the towels, and polishing the taps. Of course, every property is different, so whatever is required to ensure the property is presented in the best possible way, we will make it happen! After all, it’s a fact that your property has a 70% chance of selling in the first week of marketing. Let's make it count! vacate cleaning perth

Spring Cleaning


Spring Clean / One-Off Clean

Are things getting on top of you where you just don't feel you can keep up? Let us come and freshen up the home so you can focus on the important stuff. Vacates has a dedicated team of professional cleaners who are quick, police cleared, and experienced!

Enjoy your weekends, don't spend all day cleaning! vacate cleaning perth